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Road Rules

With the Commonwealth Games about to start and an increased police presence, it’s time to brush up on your road rules. A useful summary of the rules is found at On the website, keeping left and overtaking is dealt with this way: -

Keeping left

On single-lane roads, you must stay as close as practical to the left side of the road.

On multi-lane roads, if the posted speed limit is 90km/h or more, or if the road has a ‘keep left unless overtaking’ sign, you must not drive in the right-hand lane unless you are:

turning right
making a U-turn
avoiding an obstruction
driving in congested traffic
using a special purpose lane that you are allowed to be in.

Drivers are allowed to overtake on the left on all multi-lane roads.

There is a video showing an example.

Importantly, if you are driving on the M1 other than on the left-hand lane and there is no vehicle beside you, if it is safe to do you are obliged to move to the left. Failing to do so, driving in a right-hand lane on a multi-lane road with a signposted speed limit of more than 80km/h attracts a $75.00 fine and two demerit points. Also, failing to drive left after passing a keep left sign attracts $176.00 and three demerit points.

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