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Privacy Policy


Privacy Act

Derek Legal is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (the Act) which can be found at and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). Derek Legal is an APP entity as defined in s 6(1) of the Act. We collect and hold personal information relating to our clients and to other people and entities associated with our clients as may be provided or disclosed to us in the course of
business. Such personal information may include, but is not limited to, names, tax file numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, social media details, email addresses, occupations, bank account details, asset and investment details, financial planning records,
taxation records, medical records and relationship details.

Personal information is collected from our clients in the following ways:
- by providing it to us directly;
- by authorising third parties to provide it to us;
- by other parties providing it to us either voluntarily or pursuant to compulsory
processes we conduct on our client’s behalf.

How is personal information received and held?

Personal information may be received and held either as a hard copy, paper, or a soft copy being electronic data, in any available form. In either case, we take the security of personal information very seriously. We secure hard copy documents carefully in and out of our office.
We use cyber-security systems to protect soft copy documents. 

For what purpose is personal information collected, held, used and disclosed?

All data processed by the business is done on a lawful basis. The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information are:
- to offer our products and services to our clients. In doing so we may disclose personal information to other people or entities involved in the provision of the product or service, such as government departments and individuals. Unless compelled by law,
we will never disclose personal information without the client’s knowledge and consent;
- to facilitate our internal and external administrative processes including financial and business operations and reporting requirements;
- to obtain, maintain and comply with the terms of our professional indemnity and other insurance policies; and
- to comply with applicable laws.

Website collection of information

We collect information from activity on our website activity such as the number of page visits, time and date and where the website was accessed from. We retrieve this information to maintain and improve our website and our services. This information is anonymous and
does not identify the person. We use cookies on our website. Cookies are items of information sent from websites and
stored on your computer which may later be used to display advertising on other websites you may visit. Cookies do not contact any personal information which may identify you. If you do not wish to receive cookies you can disable them on your computer by following the
procedures on your internet browser.

How can personal information be accessed or corrected?

Clients may access their personal information and seek correction of it at any time by applying to our office in person or in writing.
Clients will be formally identified before releasing or amending any personal information.

Is personal information disclosed outside of Australia?

We store all personal information in Australia. We may need to disclose your information to an overseas recipient but will do this only as authorised by you, if we are required by a court. Where necessary we will disclose personal information to overseas recipients, including a
related body corporate. The likely countries that information might be sent to include New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

What is the complaints process relating to personal information?

If there is a breach of this privacy policy, either of the Act or the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), a complaint may be made by the client by contacting us by phone +61 (0)7 5591 5900 or by email at or the Office of the Australian Privacy

Changes to this policy

At any time we may change this privacy policy without providing notice to you. You accept these changes by continuing to utilise our website and services.


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